Bloodied Nightmare

Entry 2 - Mara

Vark is dead, and with that I mean.. very dead. His corpse was all rotten lying in his tent- the disease or curse spread all the way up to his face; very rotten. I almost feel sick for even going near him. I feel bad for asking the little girl to check his pulse, but ah, he was a good man. There was nothing we could do to save him.

Emily found a friend. It's a rat and it is weird. I'd rather not come near it; I don't wish to die the way Vark did.

We have a new companion though, or should I say two? A woman of the sisterhood and her squire named Mina. The woman's name eludes me, but she speaks in sign language. An interesting woman to say the least, I've never heard of the sisterhood before. 

We're going witch hunting with them on the promise of treasure. She has our bags; not that there's something truly valuable in it.. but my belongings are mine and I'm sure you understand. We didn't kill her alone, though.

The sisterhood aided us while we were caught in an.. ah.. illusion. I almost don't dare to admit it, but it was a rather pleasant one at that. Almost as if I wouldn't mind dying that way.. The sisterhood seems to have an ability to deal with that, it seems, so our new companion will be of great use I'm sure.

Don Mandos seemed rather off, as if his mind was occupied. I'm not sure with what, but I'd like to find out. He's a useful ally, so I'd like him to stay with us. He's just.. I can't put my finger on him. 

Anyhow, it will be good to be on the sisterhood's and thus the Allfather's good side, so that is what I'm currently striving for. Let's hope I don't die on the way..

Yours truly,


Entry 1 - Mara

No blood was painted on my inn room wall this morning. The sound of the rain hitting my window is no longer there. Instead, a ray of light shines through and I didn't think I'd ever be pleased to see the sun as much. Good. Whatever we did must've really worked, we don't have to go back up there. I've had quite enough of that mansion, no matter what coin it's worth anymore. Even I didn't have the heart to tell the blacksmith's wife what truly went on up there. 

It seems however that we've already found a new task ahead of us, involving a jittery girl from something called the Silent Sisterhood. She's lost someone in the forest, we're looking for her later this day. And yes.. I did say 'we'. It seems we're all moving on to this new task, together, except for Ronan. (It's a shame; he would have been useful out there.)

We've all been a quite effective team during recent events and it makes me wonder how well Sir Draden had prepared this- not that it matters. It works, and I once more have a way to survive. Not everyone trusts me though, and I don't blame them. Lucina especially seems to have an eye out for me. She seems to have her heart out in the right place; resolute, most of all. I just hope that won't mean the end for all of us at some point. I'd rather not be burned as a heretic, perhaps I should practice religion more actively to make sure of that.. Oh Allfather? Will you please protect me from the horror out there? Hah… Who knows.

Don Mandos, a man I can't quite put my finger on- but I like his style. He seems to have my back when it suits him. It's as if he acknowledges my usefulness and I his, and we have each other's back for it- for now. We'll see how long that will last, he sure has a deceitful tongue, a way of twisting events to his own hand.

Then there's Vark and Emily, both effective individuals; good in nature, or so I believe. Strong values, one might even call them the true knights in shining armor. (For future reference: Might not want to let Vark open any more of those doors).  Will have to see how their companionship pans out.

Anyhow, it's still early and I'd best get something to eat, sharpen the blade I had to replace and see if there's any fun to be had around town before we move out..

Yours truly,



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