Lucina, Vestal of the Allfather




Not much is known about Lucina before she came to the temple of the Allfather in the capital of Vandor, least of all by herself. She was witnessed preforming a Miracle by the villagers of her hometown at a young age and promptly sent away to the Capital to receive an upbringing befitting someone that clearly was blessed by the Allfather. Preforming Miracles is usually something that takes years of study and prayers before one can accomplish, but once every few decades, someone appears that can do it instinctively. As such she was tutored in the finer points of the Allfathers teachings, in how to inspire the faithful and convince the influential, as well as develop her gifts. Whenever she wasn’t secluded in deep prayer or drilled by the priests about the teachings of the Allfather, she was paraded around to Nobility and Clergy alike as the ideal worshiper of the Allfather, someone to emulate, a mascot if you will.

She now rides towards Laromb, to meet with Sir Draden, a famous Monster Hunter, in hopes of returning him to the church, as the return of such a celebrated man would surely help in securing the faith of the villagers in the fringe villages, those hardest hit by the new monster threat.

Lucina, Vestal of the Allfather

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