With a cold distance in her gaze she draws her blades..


For the fifth night in a row you find yourself in the tavern. It’s late, the sun has long departed and everyone has slowly been making their ways back home. A candlelight flickers in the corner, there, a woman sits. With cold gray eyes she stares at you, before she finally offers you a smile. A black, braided strand of hair she twirls around her finger, beckoning you over with a gentle flick of her hand. In your drunken haze you approach, the count’s only son, who has been said to betray his wife many times over. You drink yourself into a stupor on a daily basis trying to forget the things you’ve done. You were destined to set forth the bloodline, but even your father can’t stand to look at you. Changing your life, that is what you were going to do.. but this woman.. maybe one last night? As you near her, you notice the shadows of sleep deprivation beneath her eyes, but she is somehow.. enthralling. “Rob of House Sanmer.. I’ve heard so much about you..” she says in a sultry voice, the hint of a faint grin playing over her lips. Your eyes fall over her pierced ears, her defined brow, her pale skin.. and before you know it, a sharp pain hits your chest. Your mug shatters on the ground as blood pools beneath your feet and you fall to your knees. You dare to look up one last time.. but she is gone.. Then, the light meets you..


Selfish, cold and even cruel she has been called, but Mara will always do what it takes to get the job done; as long as the price is paid.

Through deceit and a strong will to do well for herself, Mara has worked her way up in the ladder of society to serve the power hungry noble house Thorne in Vandor for many years. That was, until the Thorne bloodline became extinct. Ridden by disease, political intrigue and assassinations, she decided to get away before it was too late. She follows unknown roads on her way to rewrite her story.


Bloodied Nightmare Nyxeia