Vark Shielder

My shield shall defend you from this evil.




Vark grew up in the town of Dalendar, surrounded by hills and with no major exports, it was for the most part overlooked by trouble, making Vark’s job as a guard quite boring. So it was one day while on duty, that he decided to head up to a hill to do some drawing, beliving that a minor absence wouldn’t harm anyone. But when he reached the top and looked back at the town, he saw fire and smoke coming from the town.

Hurrying back he saw that the gate he should have been guarding was broken inwards, and beyond was savaged corpses, ashes and ruined buildings. Searching the town, vark found no survivors and nothing that could have done this.

Crying looking up at the sky, he vowed to never shirk his duty again, that his shield would stand between the innocent and those who would destroy it and that he would find what did this and deliver onto it justice.

Having so sworn, Vark set out into the world.

Vark Shielder

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