"It was terrifying, the world crawled to a halt and all colours faded from this world. I could only feel as helpless as a infant child as the White Mask approached me. Even now the world is bleak and void of joy… Why do we even bother?" -Survivor of White Mask encounter.

Here lies a compendium of all known demons so far noted after the Blackened Sky. 


White chompers

Species name: White chomper.

Apperance: White furry creatures, with a large mouth with teeth.

Location: encountered outside the village of Laromb.

Interesting information: The smell of blood seems to frenzy them, and they hunt in packs.

Approximate strength: While individually a match for a man, their greatest strength is numbers.

Abilities: They sense people trough the ground(Tremorsense) and also likely have a decent sense of smell.


No entries.


White Mask

Species Name: Album Mask, or in common man term 'White Mask'.

Approximately six feet in height, identifiable by a white mask as if it was made out of porcelain on a otherwise completely naked humanoid figure drenched in some kind of black liquid.
Location: Usually found in urban areas.
Interesting Information: The eyes behind the masks suggests unwilling service and could imply they are merely trapped in their current forms. They are also able to turn their heads 360 degrees around and around without it seemingly affecting them.
Approximate Strength: Far stronger than a average man and much more durable, their skin nearly as hard as metal. The slickness of their skin makes it even harder on top of that to hit them.
Abilities (If Applicable): They can crack their masks open up to nearly one hundred and eighty degrees to reveal rows upon rows of broken teeth seething with the black liquid they are made from. If they bite onto a man there is a chance he is infected and will die within a few hours. Symptoms to look out for is bleeding black, increased mania and a unwillingness to harm other White Masks. Seconds after the victim falls dead to the poison his now blackened blood will ooze out from every orifice of his head and quickly drip down his entire body, once the entire body is covered black his own teeth will twists and 'melt'. It produces an unnatural amount of 'liquid' bone which then forms into the mask seen on the White Masks.


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